Quality Policy :
To achieve client satisfaction as the goal and ensure that clients needs and expectations are met, that be transformed into the company's products and service requirements, the quality policy is:
            Elaborate Design            Elaborate making            Dedicate            Keep Improving    
Elaborate Design: According to clients requirements and full of communication, we design molds and other products seriously and accurately to make clients satisfaction.
Elaborate making: The machining process of mold, machining parts and external co-part machining is strictly controlled.
Dedicate: Asking employees to follow procedures strictly, concentrate and accurate on work, provide integrity of the service focus on the clients needs.
Keep Improving: Establishing belief of hankering for excellence, maintain and sustain products’ quality and improving effectiveness of  the quality management system.
Quality Goal :
• employee satisfaction ≥  82
• purchase outside the co-product qualified rate ≥ 98%
• none major security incidents
• Product internal qualified rate ≥ 95%
• Clients satisfaction ≥ 90

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